Why You Should Recycle


All man-made products incorporate raw materials to create the finished product. This involves harvesting the earth's natural resources (e.g. wood, metal) in order to acquire the raw materials.

Deforestation is a prime example of how harvesting natural resources is harming the environment. This could be reduced if we recycle more paper and old wooden products.

Energy Saving

Recycling reduces the amount of energy needed to create a new, similar product. If we didn't recycle paper, more trees would have to be chopped down, transported, and manufactured into the finished product.

This reason why you should recycle is a very important one, as energy conservation is one of the key ingredients for the fight against climate change.

Reduce Pollution

Tied in with energy saving, is the reduction of pollution as a result of manufacturing processes becoming more efficient. Any reduction in CO2 or other harmful gases is not only a key ingredient for the fight against climate change, but a key ingredient for cleaning the air we breathe.

If we can reduce pollution levels from the manufacturing industry by a significant level, this could have a positive impact on our health.

Landfill Reduction

The more we recycle, the more we can help to reduce the burden on local and national landfill sites. As population levels increase, we will need to find more landfill sites, which will harm the surrounding environment and wildlife. 

This is another important reason why we should recycle more, in order to reduce the impact landfills have on the surrounding environment.